Bullet Team Rider Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards
Age: 12
Home town:
Cardiff, Wales
Favourite place to ride:
The factory

I mainly wear a helmet to protect my head.

Bullet Team Rider Sam Bosworth

Sam Bosworth
Age: 19
Favourite place to ride:
Penzance Plaza - you can cruz all day!

I wear a helmet because it keeps me safe!


Bullet Team Rider Del Shepherd

Del Shepherd
Age: 17
Home town:
Favourite place to ride:
Rush Skatepark, Corby and Hengrove. skate park

I've worn a helmet ever since I started riding and progressing in BMX. I wear my helmet because it's safe and has saved me many times from chipped teeth, broken jaws and concussions.


Bullet Team Rider Josh Cotterell

Josh Cotterell
Age: 14
Home town:
Favourite place to ride:
Motion Ramp Park, Hengrove or Bristol city centre.

I wear a helmet because I suffered a tragic head injury in the summer and now I know how fragile and delicate your head is!